Heuristic Evaluation - WINDY

1. Overview

  • My Role: UX Designer (heuristic evaluation)
  • Timeline: 20th March 2018

As a part of UX Immersion course at CareerFoundry, I had time to evaluate an application 'WINDY: NOAAwind forecast app,' regarding the overall structure and UX, including usability, within the application.

2. Evaluation Standards

The heuristic evaluation was conducted based on Nielsen's 10 Usability Heuristics. I analysed each page/screen of the application and could find some big and small strengths/usability issues.

As the evaluation was held whilst I was designing VELA, I could have an opportunity to consider in which way to design and display each feature of VELA as well - looking through WINDY app and analysing it thoroughly.

3. Evaluation Report

Each screen of WINDY app was carefully analysed. After the analysis, I wrote a 16-page heuristic evaluation report as follows:

4. Lesson from the Project

Heuristic evaluation about a service/digital product can be an effective method for usability improvement or benchmarking. Through the evaluation step, I could try not to make the similar usability problem in my further UX design process. At the same time, I could also have a chance to consider the good design methods for my design.

In addition, considering that continuous inspiration is needed for better user experience design, I would like to participate in more heuristic evaluation processes as well in the future - with user research, wireframing, prototyping and usability testing - to minimise usability issues and to bring the better experiences to users whilst they use the services I designed.